700 Million Chinese Are Short-sighted And 80% Are Flickered! The Glasses Are Too Tired, Don't Be Blind

- Dec 25, 2019-

Regardless of whether it is equipped with nearsightedness, farsightedness or buying sunglasses, what is the most concern of most people?


The first is good or bad, and the second is expensive.


When he was in college, a classmate in his class opened an optical shop at home. At the end of each holiday, he would change back to school. Every time the classmates joked and asked him how much it cost for a pair of glasses, he smiled and said nothing!


Later I learned that there is a Panjiayuan in Beijing with a sacred place of optical glasses. There are only four or five optical glasses cities. In addition to the independent optical shops on the street, there should be hundreds of large and small optical shops in Panjiayuan.

You can bargain, or bring a bargaining expert together, you can't go wrong.


In fact, you can find it carefully. The frames of almost the same material are equipped with the same brand lenses with all functional indicators such as anti-blue light, anti-UV, coating, ultra-thin, resin, high refractive index, photochromic, etc. In the optical shop, we can definitely cut out different prices.


The only thing that is the same is that the quotations are all extremely high, and then the customer directly discounts the price first.


But no matter how you cut it, you can't change the huge profits in the glasses industry, or put it mildly, with a high markup rate.


1, the world's most expensive glasses, 5 million pairs!


How cheap and expensive can a pair of glasses be?


Ordinary glasses can be bought for a few dozen dollars cheaper, such as polarized lenses, reading glasses, are also functional glasses. The prices of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism lenses are higher, but the cheaper one hundred yuan can also be done. Ordinary frames, ordinary glass lenses, not only light weight, high power lenses are thieves thick, they must be broken when dropped Species.


Even better, two or three hundred yuan can wear a pair of resin lenses. The coated ones are not only strong, but the visual effects of coated lenses are a little higher than ordinary lenses.


Coupled with more and more various technologies, the retail prices of spectacle lenses vary widely, ranging from a few hundred yuan or even a thousand yuan.


Various major brand glasses and luxury brand by-product glasses, thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars, and even tens of thousands, even a pair of ordinary flat glasses will not be cheap. For example, Chanel's women's sunglasses, the cheapest is 2,000 yuan, more expensive than 6,000 yuan.

Another category is luxury brands in glasses. The most extravagant is Lotos in Germany, and luxury bags are weakly bursting in front of it. With a history of nearly 150 years, it is custom-made by hand. 100,000 Euros and 200,000 Euros are nothing. The most expensive pair of glasses sold for 500,000 Euros. Yuan), a platinum frame set with a total of 44 diamonds (50 carats), and a suite can be easily bought in Beijing. It was said that it was finally bought by a Swiss woman.

In fact, for products like glasses, the strongest pain point should be ordinary consumers. In the past, because of asymmetric information, the optical shop casually talked about some "unclear perception" functions, and instantly made people feel that this money should be spent, and it was worth it.


But now, there is only one idea, that is, bargaining.


2, the world's glasses, half from China


Buying glasses in China also needs to be hollow and bargaining. In fact, careful thinking is very emotional, because more than half of the world's glasses are produced in China. The frame industry is located in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Luxury brand foundries are in Dongguan and Shenzhen Gang), the middle and low-end frames are concentrated in Wenzhou, and the lenses are in Danyang.


Henggang, Shenzhen, is the world's largest producer of medium and high-end brand eyeglass frames, occupying 80% of the world's high-end eyeglass frames. There are about 500 glasses-related companies with an annual output of more than 125 million pairs of glasses and more than 100,000 employees. The total export value exceeds 10 billion yuan, 85% of which are exported to more than 130 countries and regions around the world, accounting for 60% of the European high-end market share and 50% of the global high-end market share of eyewear.

Many brand-name glasses, even those made by luxury brands, are from Henggang, such as Ray-Ban, Longines, GUCCI, Chanel, Zeiss and so on.


Yangtze River, one of the top 100 counties in the country, has a GDP of more than 100 billion yuan. The eyewear industry is an important industry with a resident population of less than one million. There are more than 1,600 eyewear-related companies and more than 50,000 employees. The annual output exceeds 300 million The secondary lens, which accounts for 40% of the global total each year and 70% of the domestic market, is the world's largest lens production base.

Many practitioners are all in the family who make glasses, there are many small workshops, and even many families have completed the entire process from making lenses and frames to assembling and selling and customer service.


Therefore, many people will go to these places with glasses, because they feel that they can get high-end goods here at prices that are not available elsewhere. For example, many people in Danyang, Wuxi, Changzhou and other places ran to wear glasses, and they even radiated to Anhui.


But if you buy glasses here, if you just go shopping by yourself, you can easily enter a small-sized eyewear store.


Therefore, the optician shop hires people to wait in front of the high-speed rail station, and then leads the person who needs glasses to the shop. It is also said that on Danyang's streets, you can buy glasses if you just pull a person.


In sharp contrast and irony, the domestic eyewear industry is so developed, but it is just a wedding dress for others.


For many years, eyewear companies with turnover exceeding 100 million yuan have been acquired by the world's eyewear giants.


Essilor Group, the world's largest lens company (resin lenses, multifocal lenses, and progressive lenses are all pioneered by Essilor, and diamond crystal lenses are also from Essilor). As of 2018, there are 6 joint ventures in Danyang. All companies ranked in the first few ranks in Danyang.


Another eyewear giant, Lu Xun Tika, owns many brands and is also the licensee of many luxury brand glasses. Many are well-known big names, such as Armani, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, D & G, Tiffany ... this Not all.https://www.gift-package.com/