A Record High Blocked From Importing Eyeglasses To The United States

- Jan 16, 2019-

Recently, the reporter learned from the standardization institute of the city, the province's glasses were blocked from the United States was a record high. According to the us consumer product safety commission (CPSC), 200 cases of glass products from Zhejiang province were blocked from exporting to the us, accounting for 57.0% of the total number of blocked products in China, up 35.1% year on year. The majority of the blocked products were sunglasses, accounting for 84.5%. The rest were lenses and frames. The blocked products were mainly distributed in Taizhou, Wenzhou and Jinhua.


It is understood that the main reasons for the blocked products are the registration and product quality problems, accounting for about 60% and 40% respectively, of which the product quality problems increased significantly, only accounted for 20% last year. The main problem of product quality is that the glasses are not equipped with impact resistant lenses or the impact resistant performance of the lenses does not meet the standard requirements. The registration problem is that the enterprises do not register in accordance with the requirements of American regulations or the registration has expired. In view of the above export blocked problem, the city standardization institute suggested: on the one hand, the enterprise should be familiar with the United States regulations, strict registration requirements, must not have a fluke psychology, looking for registered enterprises for export, which will greatly reduce the credibility of the enterprise; On the other hand, enterprises should be familiar with the differences between American and Chinese standards of glasses products, strictly control product quality, especially the impact resistance of glasses, and reduce the possibility of product obstruction.www.gift-package.com