Advantages Of Paper Towel Box

- Sep 18, 2020-

A paper towel box refers to a box with a paper taking opening on the top surface and a sealing lid for covering the paper taking opening.Paper towel box 1. The appearance is bright and smooth, the surface of the box is smooth and smooth, the workmanship is fine, the product shows the atmosphere, which can improve the product grade and image very well;

2, one is the selection of paper making, material has good hard, feel to hua liang, another type of multilayer board or particieboard from printing, from quarantine, the carton is made by processing through many layers, high pressure, sterilization veneered particleboard, fiberboard, or plywood, laminated, refined but become, the characteristics of its type to avoid, fumigation-free, quarantine and no bug eat by moth, can be directly through, without the customs clearance formalities, reduce export finished products, improve the efficiency of export, will not generate additional costs by carton reason stranded.