Advertising Umbrella Value And Style!

- Aug 07, 2017-

Do so many years of umbrella sales, we often need to communicate with customers is the price of custom-made umbrella, where I am not emphasizing the customer pressure we price, or our price is too high so that customers can not accept and so on Those questions.

When some customers because of the price problem to choose some of the material is very low style, we will be the first time with the customer to make it clear that the general choice to do umbrella as an advertising umbrella, then the most important thing is not its price, but its Value, this advertising umbrella gives the first impression, the first idea, often give people the first feeling, thus affecting the impression of the enterprise points, so it is not just concerned about the price and do not care about the issue of advertising umbrella!

reverse umbrella    .jpg

We think about it, if we simply to the price of advertising umbrella and choose to choose a batch of poor quality advertising umbrella, then when people receive this material is very poor advertising advertising advertising umbrella, if opened once It is bad what is it? We can empathy to think about this problem, certainly more than 90 percent of people will feel that the umbrella really really bad, and then see the advertising umbrella printed on the ad , Will think of this advertising business umbrella business impression of the big discount, the impression is reduced, but also a direct impact on business enterprises in order to promote their own products, the ultimate effect, people's reaction is sure to send ads umbrella are So the difference is probably the business of the product will not be good where to go to the question.

So if people give this idea, it is estimated that the next business in the custom advertising umbrella to do the promotion, then basically there will be few people because of this advertising umbrella and choose to buy the product of the business, so the advertising umbrella promotional effect So when the business wants to make an ad umbrella before, you should consider the umbrella material problem, rather than just rely on price issues, because the value of advertising umbrella is not above the price, and its value can affect the business The overall image of the business!

That business business and what kind of advertising umbrella? The answer is certainly based on the business of their own economic capacity, you can also do some affordable. After all, many of the advertising umbrella style, certainly not so good decision! So we But also from the various types of advertising umbrella function and use of its advertising value to choose what kind of style to do! We will from the following to introduce a variety of advertising umbrella models!

Three fold class of advertising umbrella: its function is to carry a very very convenient, the whole umbrella volume is too small, it is suitable for the body, you can put inside the bag, pocket and so on, you can bring the umbrella Any place to go to the place, so the use of advertising umbrella, then printed on the umbrella advertising liquidity is very large, can be all over the streets, advertising is very high!

Straight bar class advertising umbrella: function is easy to use, whether open or put together are very convenient, click the handle button to automatically open, so for businesses to use as a promotional gift, it is very useful , Durable and good quality! Give people impression points, and if the straight umbrella with curved handle as a handle, then you can also be used as a temporary use of crutches umbrella, but also need to pay attention to, must have a non-slip tail straight Can be used as a crutch umbrella, it is not easy to slip.

Golf class advertising umbrella: its function is of course the appearance of the high-end atmosphere on the grade, it can be said that today is a higher gear umbrella style, features a large umbrella, the whole umbrella is also very strong and durable, and quite Of the wind, it is suitable for outdoor sports people, golf venues, racing places and other places concentrated in the crowd, is the major car 4S shop, the real estate industry, high-end customer base of the most pro-Lai an advertising umbrella!

We can see from the above several advertising umbrella can be seen in a variety of advertising umbrella function and the value to choose the business business for their own advertising umbrella style! Welcome businessmen to inquire custom!