After Completing 10 Million-level Financing, The Smart AR Glasses Developed By Suzhou Enterprises Will Be Mass-produced

- Apr 30, 2019-

The reporter learned from the high-tech zone Yishi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. that the company has completed the tens of millions of angel round financing, and the main product intelligent vision AR glasses will be mass-produced this month, bringing more gossip to the low-vision people.

Smart Vision uses AR technology to help low-vision people see things that they couldn't see or see. AR glasses weigh less than 100 grams, but the motherboard, 12 million high-resolution camera lens, 1024x768 display module, and TypeC interface are all integrated.

The wearable design of the glasses not only eliminates the bulky and inconveniently carried expander, but also improves reading efficiency and improves the experience. It can read text in a magnified manner, or convert text into speech, making it easy to "read" intelligently.

Suzhou Venture Park is a high-tech startup focused on artificial intelligence and AR technology. It was established in March 2018. After the unremitting efforts of the project team, the R&D design of the core product “Intelligent Vision AR Glasses” was completed in early 2019. The product was officially unveiled in March 2019 at the 3rd China International Pension Industry Expo.

Yishi intelligently completed the tens of millions of financing and the valuation was 80 million yuan. Yili Intelligent founder and CEO, Gusu leading talent Gao Fei said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the continuous development and promotion of smart vision AR glasses, expanding the application of AR technology in the smart assisted segmentation industry, and constantly improving and upgrading. Product features, to bring more gossip to low vision people.