Anti-Blu-ray Glasses, In Fact, Under The Prestigious Name Is Actually Difficult

- Jul 14, 2019-

I don't know when to wear anti-blue light glasses in the myopia circle, and even people who are not nearsighted should wear a pair, the purpose is nothing more than to protect the eyes. "Block the blue light emitted by mobile phones, computers and other electronic products to protect the eyes from harm and prevent various eye diseases..." Blu-ray glasses are also known as "eye protectors", which are not only favored by office workers, but also large. Appreciated by the parents, there is a tendency to be protected from Blu-ray as long as they are worn. But is the effect of anti-Blu-ray glasses really as good as propaganda? Will it cause additional damage to the eyes?

From the wholesale market to the independent store, they are selling


Mr. Pan worked in a large IT company in the provincial capital and was also a member of the army of myopia. Due to the long wearing time, Mr. Pan’s glasses are now slightly worn. Not long ago, Mr. Pan came to an optical shop on the 10th road in the provincial capital, and was ready to change the pair of glasses. After learning about the nature of Mr. Pan’s work, the store staff recommended him a blue-light-proof lens. "For a long time facing the computer, blue light will cause damage to the eyes, and even cause macular degeneration. This lens can protect the eyes..." Under the introduction of the clerk, Mr. Pan eventually spent more than 500 yuan. Vice anti-blue glasses.


In fact, the sale of anti-blue glasses is far more than this one. In the survey, the reporter found that from the wholesale market of glasses to independent optical shops, Blu-ray glasses are sold in large and small optical shops in the provincial capital. Although it was a working day yesterday, in the Shandong optical market, the people who came to the optician had never been interrupted. Whether it is a large wholesale store or a small retail store, the optical shops here offer anti-blue light glasses. In one of the optical shops, a couple took their children to pick glasses, and when the staff asked if they wanted to prevent blue light, Ms. Zhang did not hesitate to answer “yes”. Just like Ms. Zhang, in just half an hour, the reporter found that almost all people who went to the optician chose lenses with anti-blue light effects.


"Play electronic products, watch computers, dry eyes and tears, you need a pair of anti-Blu-ray glasses..." On the propaganda poster attached to the door of a large optical shop on the provincial road, the road was written with such words. The staff in the store told reporters that Blu-ray will kill vision, and anti-Blu-ray glasses can filter out some of the blue light, thus protecting the vision. "Now people have already approved anti-blue glasses. Whether they are office workers or student families, they will almost always wear lenses with anti-blue light effect."


The staff of an optical shop on the west side of the provincial culture said that with the change of eye habits, the most expensive ones in the store are not even myopia, but flat mirrors. "Now people use mobile phones more and more frequently, even some elderly people, they don't need mobile phones, and now they are using mobile phones." The staff said that there are many parents who specialize in giving children anti-blue glasses without degrees. "The same is true of many office workers. They are not nearsighted, they are equipped with a pair of anti-blue glasses."

From two to three hundred to thousands of yuan, price disparity


"We both have to change, all are anti-Blu-ray, a total of more than 400 yuan." In an optical shop in the Shandong glasses market, Ms. Zhang told reporters that she and her husband have always been wearing glasses at this store, and the degree of myopia is not High, the price is acceptable.


But unlike Ms. Zhang, in the same store, Mr. Liu spent 400 yuan on a pair of anti-blue glasses. "My classmates recommended me to come. He just had a pair of anti-Blu-ray glasses from here last week, which is more than 200 yuan. How can I be so expensive?" For Mr. Liu's question, the store staff member Ms. Hou explained Said, this is related to the refractive index of the lens, that is, the thickness of the lens, the thinner the more expensive. "His myopia is very high, the right eye is nearly 900 degrees, the lens needs to be ultra-thin, so the appearance will look good, it will be lighter, and the price will naturally be higher." Ms. Hou said if The degree of myopia is low, there is no requirement for the thickness of the lens, and a pair of ordinary anti-blue glasses is also more than 200 yuan.


As Ms. Hou said, the reporter saw on the lens price list that the same type of anti-blue lens, the 1.56 (refractive index) single-light film sold for 258 yuan, 1.60 for 320 yuan, and 1.67 for 498 yuan. "1.67 is the thinnest, Mr. Liu is equipped with this one." Ms. Hou said that their store is cheap, and the anti-blue lens in the outside optical shop has to get five or six hundred yuan.


The fact is also as Ms. Hou said, compared with ordinary myopia lenses, anti-blue lenses are generally expensive for one or two hundred dollars. Not only that, the reporter found that even the anti-blue lens, the price of different optical shops is also very different, ranging from two to three hundred yuan to thousands of dollars. In an optical shop on the Provincial Culture East Road, a brand anti-blue lens, 468 yuan of 1.56, 1000 yuan of 1.60, and imported more expensive, 1.56 of 980 yuan. The staff of another optical shop not far away told reporters that "there is one of the world's thinnest lenses, the price is as high as 1,600 yuan, and the average is only 199 yuan." According to the staff, the price In addition to the thickness of the lens, the height will be affected by the brand. “Good brands or imported brands are more expensive.”