Aplastic Eyeglasses Case's Design Patents Have Been Granted To Our Company

- Jan 26, 2018-

Now, in January 2018, one new design patent has been granted to us.

This product is a plastic eyeglasses case, its patent number: ZL 2017 3 03230432.8. The design of the eyeglasses case breaks the stereotypical pattern of plastic glasses cases. The left and right sides of it are designed with rounded corners, more rounded and beautiful than the previous ones, without worrying about accidentally cutting a finger. Secondly, the height of the back of the glasses case is higher than the front part, and the design of the front and back slanting is more in line with the structure of the glasses, which can meet the storage needs of large-sized glasses and avoid the case cover pressure loss lens. Third, the waveform design of the front of the case is more beautiful than the regular linear design. Also with the round corners of the left and right sides to form an echo, the whole case embodies a kind of harmonious aesthetic feeling. Finally, the external color and lining color of the case can be customized to meet the needs of different customers for color diversity.

Plastic glasses are lighter and cheaper than iron glasses. Suitable for mass customization, it is also a good helper for consumers to receive glasses. Wuxi Blue Feather International Ltd will further promote the innovation and improvement of plastic and appearance, and will also better meet the demand of the market. In the near future, we will continue to introduce more new product design patents.