Application For The 2019 Thailand SILMO Bangkok Optical Exhibition Has Started

- Jan 24, 2019-

Founded in 1967, SILMO is Europe's premier eyewear fair, and now its international partners are expanding their reach into promising new markets. After SILMO Istanbul and SILMO Sydney, it is also very optimistic about the glasses market in southeast Asia and east Asia, and 2018 is the first SILMO Bangkok exhibition.


It is reported that the goal of Bangkok international optical glasses exhibition is to become a platform for glasses trade in Thailand, where more than 4,000 professionals gather, and will receive brands and companies from various optical and glasses departments, including frames, lenses, contact lenses, materials, equipment and commercial services. With a strong economy, a growing middle class and a young, hip population, Bangkok is poised to become the gateway to asean, tapping into a vibrant and growing eyewear market.


As China's fourth largest importer of glasses products, Thailand has a more direct impact on Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia, and can better radiate to the Southeast Asian market. In recent years, the market of eye care products and glasses industry in Thailand has continued to rise, with the annual growth rate of the market of lenses, frames and glasses parts being 6.82%. At the same time, Thailand is one of the world's largest lens production bases, accounting for 22% of the global output (800 million to 900 million pieces/year), laying the foundation of the advantages in the optometry product development market platform.

Judging from the participation of Chinese eyewear enterprises in the SILMO Bangkok exhibition in 2018, the Bangkok exhibition is of positive significance in promoting the connection between the industry and the platform of the Southeast Asian market, and the market has certain growth potential. In fact, Chinese companies in this market and customers have begun to form a foundation, in the Taiyuan people have become the main source of business in the local