Are There Any Other Hazardous Raw Materials In The Food Plastic Bag?

- Aug 07, 2017-

Now the food with plastic bags particularly large, mainly to facilitate health, but should pay attention to the material used in plastic bags is a key word, the user must identify the plastic bag material, the following plastic bags manufacturers under the plastic bag material identification method.

Plastic bags can be loaded with food, mainly to see whether it contains plasticizer, but to see if harmful substances will be released into the food, causing harm to the human body. Because of the harmful substances, not just plasticizer. In China, generally made of two kinds of plastic bags of plastic film made of: First, from polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine as raw materials, non-toxic, at room temperature or frozen food packaging can be used; the other by the polyvinyl chloride Plastic bags, toxic, can not do food bags use.

There is also a commonly used recycled plastic bags made of recycled waste plastics and can not be used as food bags. This is because in the production process, PVC plastic bags and recycled plastic bags add stabilizers, plasticizers and other additives, these additives of some toxic substances, in high temperature or prolonged contact, especially greasy food, will be from the monomer Of the decomposition of the infiltration and migration to food, human health hazards.

1, first look at the appearance of plastic bags, whether there are "used food" signs. Usually, this logo should be placed in front of the bag, the location more eye-catching. Followed by color, in general, the color of plastic bags are mostly recycled plastic waste, it can not be used to install food. For example, some markets use black plastic bags, used to hold fish, shrimp and other aquatic products or meat, which was originally used to collect rubbish, and consumers should avoid using it. Finally, depends on whether there are impurities in plastic bags. Put the plastic bag in the sun or light to see if there are black spots. Plastic bags contain impurities, must be waste plastic as raw material.

2, smell a smell of plastic bags, whether people will feel uncomfortable? Qualified plastic bags no smell, unqualified plastic bags because of the use of additives and a variety of flavors.

3, qualified plastic bags have a certain strength, do not tear on the broken; and unqualified plastic bags due to the addition of impurities, often poor strength, easy to break.

4, qualified plastic bags shaking, will issue a crisp sound; unqualified plastic bags tend to "buzz" muffled. Plastic bags rarely contain hot or greasy food. Of course, if you do not know whether the plastic bag is safe, this is a way to avoid injury. Unsafe plastic bags, mainly containing dyes, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Oily foods such as meat, fish, fritters contained in the oil is a solvent, it can make the plastic bags of harmful substances precipitation; high temperature will make the plastic softening, but also lead to the precipitation of harmful substances lead to lead poisoning. Therefore, at room temperature to eat vegetables or frozen food is relatively safe.

Of course, usually try not to use plastic bags to do food. When you buy food, you can bring your own basket or bag. When you have to use it, you should take the food out of the plastic bag.