Back To The Tens Of Billions Of Markets, Quanzheng Optics Grasps The Opportunities Of The Industry And Forces The Channel To Change

- Nov 05, 2019-

In recent years, in the face of changes in consumer groups and consumption habits, as well as the continued development of new retail formats, traditional glasses stores have gradually entered the Red Sea. The channel change in the optical industry has been a problem that the industry has to face and think about. Recently, Wang Xiangfei, the general manager of the color-changing lens leading brand Quanzhen Optical, pointed out at the 4th China i-Raspberry Awards Ceremony and China Brand Marketing Summit that he constantly explored the channel innovation model to make glasses and lens companies closer to the market, dealers and consumers. It is the primary task of the related companies in the optical industry. He said: "Technology is changing with each passing day, but for brands, channels and products, research based on consumer needs and behaviors gives brands, products, and channels the corresponding value. This is the fundamental thing."

With the rapid development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of national income and consumption level, the younger age of myopia, the increase of myopia population, the improvement of the aging of the society and the awareness of domestic consumers' health care, the color-changing lenses with eye-protection effect are in China. Very optimistic. According to the data of the China Industrial Research Institute, it is estimated that the market size of China's optical industry will reach 85 billion yuan in 2020, so that the capacity of lenses in China is about 8.5 billion yuan. According to industry sources, the market share of color-changing lenses in mainland China is only about 3%. Compared with the market share of up to 20% in the US, the development of China's color-changing lens market has great room for development.

Faced with such a large market scale, Quanzhen Optics promotes product upgrading through technological innovation, expands production capacity, and further enhances the brand's market share. It is understood that Quanzhen Optical Production Base covers an area of 72 acres and a construction area of nearly 60,000 square meters. It is the world's leading professional research and development and production base for color-changing lenses. Nowadays, it has formed an internationally advanced resin sheet production line and production process, specializing in the production and sales of 1.499, 1.56 medium refraction, 1.60 high refraction, color change, progressive multifocal, double light and other full range of optical glasses products. Its original fiber optic technology has overcome the problem of color consistency in the use of color-changing lenses, and has upgraded China's color-changing lens technology to an international level.

Because the processing of optometry, measuring the distance, frame and lens are inseparable from the line, the optical industry has long relied on offline channels. Wang Xiangfei, general manager of Quanzhen Optics, said that since entering the optical industry, Quanzhen Optical has been committed to the expansion and construction of channels.

This year, under the background of comprehensive brand upgrade, Quanzhen Optical Launch Channel Support Program provides a series of support measures including training promotion, promotion support, business diagnosis and operation management guidance for agents and retailers. Among them, “Mirror Merchants Talents” is an important part. This glasses retailer training program sponsored and sponsored by Quanzhen Optics will conduct a number of training sessions in key cities across the country to target custom small and medium-sized optical retailers. Covers optometry, glasses retail management, marketing and many other fields.

In addition, the deep penetration of the brand is an important measure of true optics. This year, Quanzhen Optics launched the “Color-changing Lens National Experience Program” and joined the Blueberry Society to launch a big coffee experience program. Wang Xiangfei said that this is an attempt of color-changing lenses to enhance brand power as a traditional brand. I hope to join hands with entrepreneurs to expand brand influence and win more attention and help channel sales.

Although the color-changing lens is a minority classification in China, with the improvement of the color-changing lens technology and the increasing awareness of the national eye health, the field of color-changing lenses will inevitably face fierce competition in the future. For the lens industry, consumers have long-term mental vacancies, only the category has no brand, as the brand can not get market feedback in time, in the process of capturing the market, the channel is undoubtedly the most important "combat partner" of the color lens manufacturer.

Through “Mirror Merchants Talents”, Quanzhen Optical continues to enhance the channel's professionalism, management and service as an important bridge for communication with consumers. Nowadays, Quanzhen Optical's “Mirror Merchants Talents” national tour training has been held in Shenyang, Jinan, Urumqi and many other places to help multi-channels enhance product added value.

As the only professional manufacturer of photochromic resin lenses in China, it is also a professional manufacturer who has mastered the core manufacturing technology of photochromic resin lenses. Quanzhen Optical actively takes the role of “leading people” in the industry. Continuously improve and improve product quality, personnel quality, after-sales service, marketing network and other aspects, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of channels to meet consumer demand. And hope to provide reference for the industry of color-changing lenses, and build a good ecological environment for the development of the industry.

With more than 20 years of development, Quanzhen Optical has always been intensive in the field of color-changing lenses. Through continuous innovation, it has enhanced the confidence of channels and consumers in the category of color-changing lenses, and has led the development of Chinese color-changing lenses.