Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Of Disposable Masks For Children ≥95%

- Apr 06, 2020-

The primary and secondary schools in our province are gradually returning to school. In order to ensure the safety and health of children and children, on April 2nd, the Anhui Province "One-time Use Children Mask" (T / AQB 1-2020) group standard was officially released and implemented. It is clearly stipulated that the bacterial filtration efficiency of the disposable masks for children is not less than 95%, and the particle filtration efficiency is not less than 90%.

It is understood that the standard applies to disposable masks worn by children aged 3-14 in daily life to block the spread of particles such as droplets, pollen, microorganisms, etc. It is not applicable to masks with breathing valves. The standard stipulates that disposable masks for children are divided into plane type and three-dimensional type according to shape, and are divided into small size (3-6 years old), medium size (7-12 years old) and large size (13-14 years old) according to size Various specifications, the bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask is not less than 95%, and the particulate filtration efficiency is not less than 90%; the minimum sales package of the mask product should have an inspection certificate, and the obvious parts should be attached with a clearly identifiable logo, including the manufacturer ’s name and address And contact information, product name, main raw material implementation standard number, product category, specification, size and applicable age, instructions for use, "one-time use" words or symbols, production date, recommended use time (hours) and storage period, disinfection method Etc.
According to the standard, the raw materials of masks should not use recycled materials, materials containing high toxicity, carcinogenic or potentially carcinogenic substances, and materials known to cause skin irritation or other adverse reactions. They must not be bleached with chlorine. The materials in contact with the skin should be Soft and comfortable, the residual amount of other restricted substances should meet the relevant requirements. At the same time, it should be able to protect the mouth, nose and mandible safely and firmly, should have good facial fit, should not block the normal sight, be easy to wear, and should not have children's detachable small parts. The mask band should not use the lace-up type, hedging type and rubber band tightening type. There is no obvious feeling of pressure or tenderness during the wearing process, and the impact on the head movement is small.
The person in charge of the Provincial Quality Brand Promotion Association said that after the group ’s standard was issued and implemented, it solved the current situation that there is no unified production standard for children ’s masks on the market in our province, which helps to regulate the production of children ’s masks and ensure product quality. The prevention and control of back-to-school epidemics played an active role.