Bad Economics May Be The Trigger

- Jun 08, 2018-

The glasses business of big group all wants inhouse!

However, sauvignon has a history of 80 years, and its advantages in the design, production and sales network of glasses are significant.

Kering seems particularly eager to get its glass business back. Gucci terminated the licensing cooperation ahead of schedule, for which a large amount of money will be lost to xiafano.

Kering Eyewear was set up by Kering in 2014 to take charge of the group's branded glasses business and appoint the former CEO of sauvignon as its CEO.

Media reports said the new CEO had fallen out with sauvignon sauvignon and was in court. When he took office, he withdrew Gucci's authorization in advance, which was speculated to be revenge. This is an aside.

In a word, in a few days, in 2017, Gucci will start to "make its own glasses", do they have enough ability to be independent?

In fact, since its inception in 2014, eyekering wear has been careful not to add staff with much fanfare.

Actually, kaiyun also signed an additional 4 years agreement with xiafinuo, which means Gucci's own glasses business, still needs xiafinuo to take a ride. Luxury brands don't have the ability to do everything on their own.

Maybe they'll find a better agent at a better price, or they'll do a little more themselves and have less outsourcing.

Faced with the reality, the glasses company pays more attention to its own brand. Ray Ban of lucentis is a good example, and POLICE, an Italian brand owned by dresdner kleinwort and known as the creator of the blue film, is doing well. The economy is bad, and everyone is more critical. This is a big change for the industry.