Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens Safety Wear Initiative

- Feb 22, 2019-

In the 30 years since Bausch & Lomb entered the Chinese market, he has done a lot of work to improve the professionalization of the industry: "B.B.L." "Outstanding Applicator Course (IACLE International Contact Lens Education Association Standard Course)" "Bau Lun Micro Classroom", etc. It has become a gold medal course in the field of contact lenses, providing many innovative models for the continuous re-education of contact lenses in China.
Committed to improving the professional skills and fitting experience of the industry personnel, and delivering the correct method of wearing to the consumers, Bausch & Lomb is the eternal pursuit of professional deepening, thus continuously promoting the overall improvement of the level of China's contact lens industry. Based on Bausch & Lomb's high attention to the safety of contact lenses, at the beginning of the establishment of the Contact Lens Safety Monitoring Committee (Safety Supervision Commission), it became the only manufacturer in the first batch of “National Contact Mirror Safety Supervision Units”, and settled in the safety supervision