Both Technology And Fashion, Huawei Smart Glasses Are Striking

- Aug 22, 2019-

In March of this year, Huawei announced a partnership with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster at the P30 conference, saying that the two companies will jointly launch a smart glasses. The official website of Gentle Monster has been launched on the smart glasses series at a price of 1999 yuan ($284) and 2499 yuan ($355).

It is reported that this smart glasses product has two speakers and a microphone. The user can answer the phone by tapping the side of the glasses holder and make a call through the microphone and speaker on the bracket. Users can also use the supplied glasses case to wirelessly charge the glasses. The glasses case has a built-in 2,200mAh battery. In addition, this glasses also has built-in AI Bluetooth noise reduction technology to improve the quality of the call. At the same time, this smart glasses also has IP67 dust/waterproof function.

At present, there are five kinds of this series of smart glasses on the official website. Users can choose different frames and frames, but the overall function will remain unchanged.

Huawei officially set the official release date of this smart glasses as September 6. It is expected that Huawei will bring these two new smart glasses to participate in the upcoming IFA 2019 in Berlin.