Can True Myopia Return To Normal Vision Through Treatment?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Everyone knows that myopia is difficult to prevent and control. One of the reasons is that myopia is very complicated and is affected by many factors, including genetic and environmental factors.

I believe that many of my friends have had doubts. Now that medicine is so developed, can myopia be restored to normal vision through treatment? Of course, the so-called "treatment" refers to the state of restoring the eye to non-myopia through non-surgical means.


According to the current research results, once the eye is dilated, it is confirmed as true myopia. There is no way to reverse myopia through non-surgical methods. What can be done is to control the deepening of myopia as much as possible, that is, myopia is irreversible!


In fact, this is like the height of a person. A person who is 1 meter long is unlikely to return to the 1 meter 6 again. The eyeball is the same, it is already long, and it is impossible to shorten it again.


Children who have been nearsighted can only correct their vision through glasses, including frame glasses and contact lenses. They don’t want to wear glasses. They can wear Ortho-K CL at night and get good naked eyesight during the day, so they don’t need to wear glasses during the day. . After the adult's degree of myopia is stabilized, it is also possible to perform mirror surgery by performing refractive surgery.