Canada Bans Japan's 'red Eye Drops' Stress On The Cardiovascular System

- Jun 25, 2019-

Japan’s “Red Eye Drops” has been banned in Canada, putting pressure on the cardiovascular system.


The eye drops produced by Japan’s Shentian Pharmaceuticals are known as “Hermes in the Eye Drops” and have been at the forefront of the list of must-buy products for foreign tourists to Japan for many years. However, Health Canada has issued a notice recently requesting the removal of a number of Japanese eye drops including the FX and PC in its territory on the grounds that it may "serious health risks."


With the wording of “effectively alleviating eye fatigue” and “charging for double sputum”, the eye drops of Japan’s Shentian FX and other eye drops quickly became “net red products” and appeared on the domestic e-commerce platform. The FX Gold Eye Drops are the mainstay of “Relieving Eye Fatigue and Congestion”. The FX Gold is based on this supplement with vitamin B6. The two models are priced at about 70 to 80 yuan per bottle. The price of not being close to the people still can't stop the enthusiasm of consumers. The Global Times reporter has to buy dozens of bottles for friends every day. In fact, the eye-catching potion is really very popular.


However, the Health Canada issued a notice on its official website in April this year that a number of Japanese “red eye drops” including the FX silver, gold and PC models were required to be removed from the territory and banned online. Sales. Health Canada said in a statement that these products contain prescription ingredients that have not been approved by Health Canada and must be used under the advice and supervision of professionals because they are used to treat specific diseases and may pose serious health risks. . Some experts said that these eye drops contain "tetrahydrozoline" and other ingredients, which are adrenaline drugs, which will cause stress on the cardiovascular system and may cause side effects in long-term use.


In the interview with the Global Times reporter, Mr. Wang, who has been using the FX silver for many years, said that as an ordinary consumer, he has never paid attention to the ingredients of eye drops before, and every time he feels tired when his eyes are tired, he has been used. Regarding the announcement of Health Canada, Mr. Wang said that he would suspend the use of this eye drop and will carefully select drugs in the future. According to a survey, 85% of Chinese netizens said that they would not follow the trend to buy net red products.