Chase Jing Yueyue Lens New Product Launch Was Successful

- Oct 30, 2018-

On February 16, the new product release of Zeiss jing yue was grandly held in Luxembourg of Shanghai world expo site. The new product of Zeiss jing yue was officially unveiled. This conference has given the concept of "cloud" terminal. Each guest can participate and feel the magical effects of "cloud · comfort, cloud · technology, cloud · interconnection". There are many guests and stars in the conference.

, chairman of the China association of glasses Cui Yi, glass lining Sun Huan treasure, Carl Zeiss, director of the group members of the board of directors, Carl Zeiss vision care division, President and chief executive Michael zhiyuan, Dr (Dr. Matthias Metz), Carl Zeiss vision care division vice President of marketing Juan Luis Rexa Sir, Zeiss optics China Mr Castor pang, Zeiss optics China sales company, vice President of marketing such as Mr Xiao-guang Yang attended the conference.

Zeiss jing yue lens is a new custom-made functional lens specially designed by Zeiss for contact lens wearers, especially those who wear contact lenses with easy eye fatigue. Qingsong yue lens design, digital identification technology, diamond cubic ® prevent the three innovations such as blu-ray membrane technology users eyes feel more relaxed, as if to please the eyes a yoga instructor. Allow users to adapt quickly after removing contact lenses; Zeiss lens also has digital recognition technology, which meets the eye needs of users who use digital products for a long time and reduces visual fatigue caused by continuous use of digital products. The drilling cubic ® blu-ray membrane can reduce harmful blue light damage to the eyes. It is worth mentioning that cycine lens has three types of vitality, digital and progressive, which are continuously available to meet the needs of contact lens users of all ages.