Children's Prevention And Control Of Myopia Should Completely Reject The Pseudo-proposition

- Oct 08, 2019-

In recent years, due to changes in learning and living environment, young people's myopia has become more and more aging. Some children are only 6 or 7 years old, and they wear thick glasses, which is really worrying. In the long run, myopia not only causes inconvenience to the child's growth, but also limits the child's future development. For example, pilots, military personnel, police officers, civil servants and other enviable occupations will have strict requirements for vision. How to prevent myopia? How to effectively control the rise of children's degrees?

Myopia has become a "national disease" or restricts the development of adolescents

According to new data from the Chinese students' physical health research report, the incidence of myopia in primary school students in China is 22.78%, that of middle school students is 55.22%, and that of high school students is 70.34%. The high incidence of myopia in adolescents has caused many parents to worry and has drawn the attention of the whole society.

Prevention and control of myopia in adolescents should completely reject "pseudo-propositions" in science

Young people's myopia rate has risen steadily, and we have already issued an important warning to us - the prevention and control of juvenile myopia is an urgent task! During the school season, parents are worried about their child's eyesight problems while worrying about their children's academic performance. In the face of children's myopia, many parents are easy to hear and hear, and listen to the "pseudo-proposition" in juvenile myopia correction, such as "the more the degree is worn, the more the glasses are the same" and the "eyeglasses can be restored without glasses".

Experts stressed that medically, once myopia is formed, it can not be reversed. The correction of myopia in adolescents should be scientific and comprehensive, and reject "pseudo-propositions." The "scientific and comprehensive myopia prevention and control system, "anti-", "governance" and "control" have been constructed to protect the healthy growth of young people's eyes.