- Apr 25, 2019-

Founded in 1985, CHINA OPTOMETRIC AND OPTICAL ASSOCIATION abbreviated as COOA is the only national industry organization in the optical industry. She is organized by Chinese glasses, optometry, trade, scientific research, teaching and other voluntary organizations. More than 1,000 existing members. The association consists of seven professional committees: glasses frames, spectacle lenses and blanks, contact lenses, equipment, optometry, quality testing and scientific education. The professional committees carry out professional activities according to the commission of the association. The Optical Association also has a China Optical Technology Magazine, which is responsible for editing and publishing the China Optical Technology Magazine.

According to the relevant national documents, the China Optical Association is the main body of the management of the Chinese optical industry. It has three main functions:

1. Enterprise service function;

2. Self-discipline, coordination, supervision and maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises;

3. Assist the government in strengthening the functions of industry management.

The specific work includes: conducting regional and industry surveys, formulating industry development plans, and proposing policy recommendations to the government; accepting government commissions for industry-wide statistics, participating in quality management and supervision, organizing technical and vocational training, participating in the development and revision of national standards, and Industry standards, participate in the issuance of production and business licenses, participate in qualification review, participate in the construction of related product markets; organize industry exhibition activities, reflect industry and membership requirements, coordinate membership relations, regulate industry behavior, and maintain fair competition in enterprises and industries .

As China joins the World Trade Organization, the economic operation mode will gradually be in line with international standards, and more industry management affairs have gradually been undertaken by national industry associations. At present, the National Vocational Qualifications Working Committee Office of the Optometry Professionals Committee and the National Industrial Products Production License Office Optical Production License Examination Department are all located in the China Optical Association. In addition, the China Optical Association also held the China International Optical Industry Exhibition in Shanghai and Beijing in the spring and autumn of each year, and organized a delegation to participate in the international and influential international glasses exhibition. Through these activities, the development of the optical industry has been promoted and regulated, and exchanges and cooperation with the international optical industry have been strengthened.