Christmas Can Only Be Warm And Lively!

- Dec 24, 2019-

When the Christmas decorations on the streets and alleys fill our horizons, the happy atmosphere of the festival is like the warm air that suddenly comes. No matter how you want to say "Chinese people don't make up these Western festivals," the heart can't stop the Christmas from " within Temptation".

Simply, be happy and be more thorough. This year's manpower administration center partner has secretly planned many surprises. Setting up the office, preparing for holiday surprises, and launching Santa Claus gift delivery, "exhausted effort" is to leave you an unforgettable Christmas memory.


Carefully laid out, the little decoration passes the warmth greatly


Maybe every Christmas, you will get a story. Some stories are called "Reunion", some are called "Eating, Drinking, Drinking and Drinking," and some are called "Lang up", but for Christmas 2018, we want to give you a story that can be marked with "warmth", just like us The promise to every owner is the same, "with a warm heart, do warm things." The sun rises as usual, the story continues, a new day, come on!