Cleaning Of Glasses

- Jan 04, 2019-

There are four effective ways to clean glasses, one is by using of wiping paper. It's a good idea to use wiping paper to clean glasses. The wiping paper has many characteristics, such as single piece independent packaging, portable, without washing, fast using, fast cleaning, can efficiently remove grease stain, stains, dust, bacteria for legacy on the lenses and frames. The inability to reuse is one of its drawbacks.

  Another way is to clean it by your hands. Flush the lens with the tap water and remove the attached dust. Wash your hands and squeeze some liquid detergent such as detergent or hand sanitizer on your fingers. Keep water on the lens and wipe the detergent on the lens to clean. If the concentration of detergent is too large to be diluted, rinse again until completely washed away, and then rinse the water off the lens with a small water flow. If there still have a small amount of water, you can use a clean soft dry 100% cotton cloth to dry, not wipe.