COS 2019 China Eyeglasses Summit Guangzhou Grand Opening

- Jul 09, 2019-

On July 3, the China Eyewear Summit, hosted by the complete glasses, was grandly opened in Guangzhou. Nearly 100 top and inside commerce companies from around the world, more than 500 attendees from all over the country gathered together. It is reported that the China Eyeglasses Summit lasts for two days, with a total of eight conference venues, with the concept of "innovation sharing cross-border empowerment", aiming to create a stage for Chinese glasses people to exchange and learn in the annual, innovative first focus on "glasses people". This summit, the complete glasses through the live broadcast, live video and other means so that the industry colleagues who have not been able to visit the scene can also see the summit.


At the opening ceremony, complete glasses CEO Huang Guangrong, Guangzhou Optical Industry Association President He Jinquan, and China Optical Association Vice Chairman Qi Bei delivered speeches respectively. They welcomed the distinguished guests who came from afar and wished the conference a complete success. Then, under the guidance of the host, 12 officiating guests took the stage. With the gathering of handprints on the screen, the first China Eyewear Summit was successfully launched.