'Cure Myopia' Change 'to Remove Glasses': Vision Correction False Propaganda To Replace 'outerwear'

- May 15, 2019-

The 2018 national myopia survey of children and adolescents released recently shows that the overall myopia rate of primary school students in China is 36.0%. The myopia of young people is characterized by younger age and heavy degree. The situation of prevention and control is not optimistic. In response to this situation, the National Health and Health Commission, the Central Network Information Office and other six departments issued the "Notice on Further Regulating the Correction of Children and Adolescents' Myopia Correction Work (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") clearly stated that the standardization of myopia correction work is serious. Investigate and deal with false and exaggerated propaganda in myopia correction.


However, the reporter found in the interview that many myopia correction agencies have put on "hidden clothes" for their false and exaggerated propaganda. They continue to mislead children, adolescents and parents of myopia by adopting a more implicit way of changing expressions, verbal promises, online sales, etc., and the harm still exists.

On May 7, the reporter came to a myopia training institution specializing in massage therapy near the Dianliu First Primary School in Jinan City. On the display panel outside the organization, a large poster with "eyesight recovery" was posted, and a price list and a vision prediction reference table were hung on the wall, which appeared to be operating specifications.


"We treat myopia with regular massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. The cure rate of moderate myopia is over 90%, and the mildness is almost 100%." As soon as the door is entered, the staff will introduce the function and effect of the massage therapy. I learned that the reporter intended to consult a 7-year-old child with a vision of 0.5 and 0.6, and the staff quickly listed the training program: "Two courses of 13,600 yuan, both eyes reached 1.0, and vision returned to normal." In the face of the reporter's questioning whether myopia can be cured, the staff vowed to say: "It is definitely not possible to wear glasses, but it can be massaged by a physical therapist."


In fact, the idea that “myopia cannot be cured under existing medical conditions” has long been a consensus in the medical field. The "Notice" clearly stated that the expressions of "rehabilitation", "recovery", "reduction degree" and "myopia cure" should not be used in the correction of myopia. In this situation, some institutions have changed the past publicity of "myopia cure", and turned the black and white words into verbal promises and other more subtle ways to make false and exaggerated propaganda.