Design Patents Of Wuxi Blue Feather International Ltd

- Dec 18, 2017-

Wuxi Blue Feather International Ltd is specialized in development, design, production and sales of all kinds of packages and promotional products. Our factory (Wuxi Dongsheng Gift Box Ornaments Factory) was founded in 1996, specializing in the production and sales of various kinds of glasses cases and bags, cleaning cloth, all kinds of digital printing products, bag products, notebooks, pencil cases and gift-package etc.

With design department, our factory is dedicated to developing new products. We monthly launch all kinds of new products to keep up with market trends. As for appearance design, we continuously develop products with unique appearance. By adjusting the structures of different products, the products become a perfect unification of beauty and practicability. Early in 2013, we have got 2 design patents for eyeglasses cases.


The first one is a double-layer eyeglasses case with patent number ZL 2013 3 0648589.2. The double layers break model conventions that each case can only store 1 pair of eyeglasses. The first layer can be used to store optical eyeglasses or sunglasses while the second layer is used for contact lens. With suitable accessories, namely a mirror, a tweezer, 2 small plastic bottles and 1 small plastic box, people can enjoy convenience and cleanliness when using this product. It also satisfies people’s needs of storing contact lens and eyeglasses in daily life and travelling. Therefore, this innovative product has won the praise of customers all over the world since it was launched to the market.


The second product is a shell-shaped plastic sunglasses case with patent number ZL 2013 3 0234900.9. Its size is big and suitable for big-sized sunglasses. If people go to seaside for a holiday, they can carry this sunglasses case with them. It is interesting and leisurely to take the sunglasses from the case and enjoy the sunshine and beach. Besides, it can also used to store small items, making our life more convenient and colorful.



In the recent years, our company has been continuously developing unique designs and more and more certificates of design patents have been granted to us. These design patents encourage our company to make more contribution in building an environment of respecting and protecting intellectual property right in China. By improving the uniqueness of product appearance and stability of quality, our core-competitiveness becomes stronger, which plays an important role in establishing a win-win and continuous corporation with our customers.