Design Talents At Home And Abroad To Inject Momentum Into The Transformation And Upgrading Of Henggang Glasses Industry

- Apr 16, 2019-

After the 20th 5th China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Glasses Designer Competition, after two days of open and fair evaluation, the contest finally selected 10 "professional group international fashion gold medal designers", student group one, two and three prizes total 10 Name and "Top Ten Fashion Eyewear Brands" awards. The scene also held a new and unique glasses show, the award-winning top ten brand glasses vie for debut, showing their unique charm.


Li Jian, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Henggang Street in Longgang District, delivered a speech at the awarding ceremony. He said that he hopes to use the competition as an opportunity to discover and attract a group of outstanding design talents at home and abroad to settle in Henggang, and to transform and upgrade the Henggang glasses industry. Injecting a steady stream of power.