Digital Printing Case -Shipping Mass Production Out

- Feb 26, 2018-

Mass production were loaded the containers in our factory yesterday.We sent our digital printing case which we have patent right to Tokyo Japan.



For the container of the products, our factory will first to verify whether the driver’s packing list is consonant with our goods, and then to use the camera filmed plates, prove that the car has been in our company, the license plate to data recorded in our documents. Finally check if there is any breakage and may cause the cabinet to leak or to break the outer box to prevent damage to the goods. In the cooperation of the forklift truck driver and the porter, put the goods into the cabinet, put the door handle back to the original place and lock the lock on the lock.

 We are careful and keep improving every link. In order to complete the best packaging, the product safely to the customer. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.