Do You Need Glasses With Myopia Of 100 Degrees?

- Oct 09, 2019-

Medical analysis

In the early stage of visual acuity decline, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by pseudo-myopia. In the case of pseudo-myopia, if glasses cannot be worn, it will cause the formation of true myopia.


It is possible to confirm the refractive state of the eye through the ophthalmologic examination of the ophthalmology hospital. The timely treatment of pseudo-myopia with medication, eye massage, and rest of the eyes is possible to restore normal vision. Usually pay attention to the posture of children reading and writing. Avoid picky eaters and ensure adequate sleep.

Through the hospital eye examination, it is determined that more than 100 degrees of true myopia, you must wear, look far to wear, look at the specific situation, and then decide whether to wear glasses.

Many parents and adults mistakenly believe that the degree is not high, 100 degrees, can not be taken, but the eye strength is too large, the eyes always use the eyes in fatigue, so the time is long, astigmatism appears, see the object is blurred, There is an illusory ghost and the vision adjustment is weak. However, many patients have adapted and used this kind of obscured object for a long time, so they all think that it is a mistake to think that it can be cured without glasses.