Don't Be Careless In Shopping Glasses Online. The Disqualification Detection Rate Exceeds 60%

- Jan 05, 2019-

On December 28,2018. Hunan provincial market supervision bureau released the results of the spot check of e-commerce products supervision organized by it, which has many online complaints against consumers and is closely related to consumers' health, life and safety.Up to now, among the 5 categories of products that have been completed, including household hygiene insecticide products, lamps and lanterns products, glasses, student products and mattress products, 346 batches of random inspection have been conducted in total, 220 batches of qualified products have been inspected, and the detection rate of unqualified products is 36.4%.


The data that provincial market superintendency bureau releases shows, in this spot check, the unqualified check rate of eyewear, lamps and lanterns and mattess things ranks first 3, all exceed