Economic Recovery Led The Rapid Development Of Gift Stationery Industry

- Aug 07, 2017-

The industry generally reflects the turnover of gift stationery industry this year compared to last year will increase 10% to 20%, and some even optimistic about the estimated turnover may be more than doubled. Gift stationery industry performance compared to two years ago has been significantly improved, which is the gradual recovery of the local economy is inseparable.

In addition, with the concept of innovation gradually integrated into the industry, the industry also believes that the industry within the next two to three years of development is also very worth watching.

Our executive director Lin Junlong said the day before yesterday at the opening ceremony, driven by the improvement of the local economy, gifts and stationery industry this year, the performance of a small climax.

Lin Junlong said that this year's gift and stationery industry performance was better than last year, many retailers and distributors of the turnover higher than last year, and some even more than doubled last year.

He said that the boom in the industry is closely related to the development of the economy. If the economy is sluggish, most companies will cut their budgets on office supplies, and the demand for gifts and gifts will be reduced, leading to a decline in the industry's performance. "In the past few years, due to the impact of 911 and Shas, gift and stationery industry turnover dropped, once slipped to the valley.However, with the two years the local economy improved, the company in office supplies and gifts, gifts on the Spending has gradually increased, last year the industry has begun to recover, and this year 's performance has been greatly improved.

As a result of the improvement in the performance of the industry, this year's gifts and gifts exhibition and stationery and office equipment exhibition attracted a large number of businesses, a total of from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom more than 10 countries 209 exhibitors , An increase of 17% over last year, and 28% of the second exhibitors rented more than one booth. Lin Junlong revealed that about a month ago, all the exhibition booths have been all businesses are scheduled.

One of the exhibitors JI International Trading Company also said that by the impact of the local economic recovery, this year the company's business in the gift than last year has been greatly improved, expected business turnover will increase at least 10% to 20% The