Focus On Car Repair, BMW Launches AR Glasses

- Jun 24, 2019-

On June 12th, BMW announced the launch of a full range of AR solutions for vehicles, workshops and other scenarios, including TIS 2.0, technical support and research support online platform TSARA, and a smart glasses: TSARAVision. Speed up the access of technicians to information and car repairs.


According to, TIS 2.0 is a mobile-enabled application that can be used by BMW or MINI car technicians to search for technical data needed to repair vehicles. As for the TSARA platform, it is a problem reporting system. Its feature is that the UI is easy to use and can greatly improve the work efficiency of BMW and MINI car sales centers. According to BMW estimates, the platform can increase the average speed of repair and maintenance by 70 to 75%.


In terms of hardware in the solution, TSARAVision's main role is to provide remote support for field technicians. Remote experts can project technical instructions and schematics in the form of AR on the display of glasses, and can also see the scene through TSARAVision glasses. Take a screenshot and view the big picture. Field personnel wearing smart glasses can use voice control to open or view files.


In addition, BMW's solution is not a completely closed platform and is compatible with RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses and Ubimax AR software.


It is reported that this new technology will be applied to 347 BMW sales centers and some MINI dealerships in the United States at the end of June. In this regard, Claus Eberhart, vice president of acquisitions at BMW North America, said: The significance of TIS 2.0, TSAR and TSARAVision smart glasses is that we hope to improve the efficiency of technicians through new technologies, thereby improving the customer service experience and solving problems faster. BMW dealers will be able to return the vehicles that the user needs to repair faster.