Food Packaging Bags Of Material Specific Instructions

- Aug 07, 2017-

Most food bags are made of plastic bags, plastic bags are made of polyethylene chemicals. In the process of making food packaging bags, no one would say that the chemical substance, but divided into more detailed ingredients, so some people will ask what food packaging materials? The following Xiaobian you know. When the material of the food packaging bag is not made of composite material monolayer material and composite material, it is divided into OPP material, PET material d, nylon material e, aluminum material f, CPP material, polyethylene material and so on. OPP material can be divided into BOPP, OPP, Matt KOPP, 1.9c / 2.3c / 3.1c material thickness, at least 6000 meters of pet meters; materials can be divided into PET, VMPET, KPET, 1.2c material thickness, at least 8000 meters Daddy; also known as New York nylon material. 1.5C material thickness, at least 6000 meters of aluminum meters; material is aluminum foil, 0.7C material thickness, at least 6000 meters CPP meters; materials can be divided into CPP, RCPPf, vacuum aluminum casting polypropylene material, is a customizable Number, a roll of material can also be customized; low density polyethylene with the same material thickness and CPP number roll is custom. These are the materials we will use to produce food packaging bags.

The combination of several materials can be used to make bags suitable for our needs, such as steam bags, cold bags, vacuum bags and so on. It is not true that in order to make the package before the customer must first ask the manufacturer and the manufacturer to speak the bag, the manufacturer only for you with the corresponding material according to the different packaging products that make the different styles of the package.