Glasses Knowledge Quiz: How To Choose Glasses

- Dec 18, 2019-

Whether the glasses are from famous brands or ordinary brands, the key is to fit ourselves, not to fit the frames. It is suitable for your face shape and vision correction. It is important to wear it comfortably and beautifully!

Regardless of the brand, on the type of glasses

By frame type, it can be divided into

Full frame type, enveloping the lens inside, giving sufficient protection. In particular, the full frame of the board is suitable for matching any lens, which is a versatile style.

Half-frame type with frame on top and strand support on the bottom. More suitable for casual office style, can also be equipped with any lens, in addition to glass, because it is fragile and difficult to process, it is best to match super tough or PC lenses, resistant to falling and breaking.

The frameless type has no frame except the bridge of the nose and two temples. Not suitable for sports and physical activity, easy to break edge break, super tough and Pc lenses are recommended.

Frames are classified by materials and can be divided into three categories, which I probably say are common.

There are metal frames. Most of the metal glasses we wear are frames made of copper and copper alloy materials. This kind of frames are used for low-grade frames. Friends who are prone to skin allergies are not suitable for wearing.

Titanium and titanium alloy frames have light features, strong corrosion resistance and high affinity, which is not easy to cause skin allergies. This is used for high-end frames. Titanium frames have identification numbers such as TiTAN. You can go to the optician to check it out. Non-metallic materials are more common in sheet metal frames and plastic frames. TR90 is lighter.

Natural materials such as cormorants, horns, etc. These are used in high-end frames. The market is rarely seen now.

Go to a regular optician and choose the glasses that suit you!