Google Released The Enterprise Version Of Smart Glasses, The Price Is Much Lower Than Microsoft's Similar Products

- Jun 20, 2019-

On May 20th, Google launched Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for corporate customers, which uses a pico-projector to send computer-generated images to the user's eyes to achieve virtual reality.


Google first launched its own brand of glasses in 2013, and in the following years, the product has not been widely promoted in daily life. In 2015, Google discontinued Google Glass for mass consumers because of privacy concerns.


In 2017, Google began to develop related products for corporate customers. Google Glass returned again. It is a version of Glass Enterprise Edition, mainly for corporate customers, covering agricultural machinery, manufacturing, medical, logistics and so on.


In some companies, using Google Glass is as essential as PPT. In the AGCO factory, you can see more than 100 workers working with Google Glass. Peggy Gullick, director of business process improvement at AGCO, said: "Google glasses are part of the employee's uniform, and like gloves and helmets, they are worn during most of the working hours."


The launch of Google Glass Enterprise 2 will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR1 platform, which will provide longer battery life. In appearance, Smith Optics will provide Google with frames that look like ordinary glasses. The new glasses will be used in the logistics, manufacturing and medical services industries.


Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is priced at $999, which is much lower than the $3,500 price of Microsoft Hololens 2.