How Often Should Us To Change Their Glasses

- Dec 29, 2018-

1.Children and adolescents are in the growth and development stage, is the peak of eye use, degree changes particularly fast.As a result of long-term close distance with the eye, myopia is easy to deepen.Children and teenagers need to go to a professional eye hospital for reexamination every 3 months or half a year. If glasses are not suitable for children, they should change them in time.

2.Adults: they should be replaced every year and a half to two years

As the degree of optometry is relatively stable, the frequency and initiative of adults are far less than that of children and teenagers. Even some adults are too lazy to do optometry and just directly match glasses according to the original degree of glasses, which is not correct.Adults with glasses also need medical optometry.Adults should change their glasses every year and a half to two years.

3.Old people's reading glasses should also be changed regularly

Out of frugality, many elderly people wear reading glasses for years or even decades at a time.Presbyopic lens is replaced specifically do not have unified time regulation, when the old man wears glasses to read a newspaper to feel laborious, the eye acid bilges unduly, ought to