How Should A Famous Brand To Carry On The Campus Marketing

- Dec 05, 2018-

If a brand of glasses wants to carry out effective campus marketing in the campus market, it first needs to understand the characteristics of college students' consumption of glasses.


According to the analysis of the consumption data of college students purchasing glasses by the university fruit research institute, it is concluded that college students tend to be polarized when they buy glasses. Among them, a large proportion of college students will choose glasses with medium and low prices and pay more attention to cost performance. And a small number of college students will choose high-priced big-name glasses, in order to show their consumption ability and class.


(1) As the price of glasses consumed by college students is generally low, merchants can choose to purchase glasses with low price, and make a survey and comparison on the price of glasses shops around the campus to determine whether their product price is appropriate.

We can also often engage in some promotional activities to attract college students to buy, use the way of small profits and high sales to open the sales surface, give college students a high cost-effective impression, to achieve word of mouth in the campus.


(2) For the consumption characteristics of college students who generally pursue novel trends, merchants can judge their aesthetic preferences based on the styles purchased by college students who consume in stores, so as to buy some similar styles. Or by recruiting college students to take part-time jobs, college students who take part-time jobs can choose the purchase styles, so as to accurately grasp the preferences of college students and cater to their aesthetic tastes.


(3) Keeping abreast of changes in The Times. With the progress and development of society, more and more college students choose to wear convenient, beautiful and fashionable contact lenses and contact lenses instead of glasses. If merchants do not respond to this trend in time, they will be eliminated by other similar