How To Buy An Umbrella

- Apr 28, 2018-

Umbrella purchase knowledge One:. Common umbrella styles are divided into straight and three-fold type. Second, the best choice for solid color print pattern. Third, the umbrella will cause wrinkles phenomenon do not choose. Fourth, the skeleton is neither easy to peel nor affect the appearance of the umbrella. Fifth, the best look of the use of UV protection fabrics, shades of color will not affect the resistance to ultraviolet light. Sixth, if the silver gel coating is outside, the effect of UV protection is more common.

Which kind of umbrella is best to buy umbrella notes


This summer sunscreen market, UV umbrellas are favored. When selecting UV protection sun umbrellas, consumers should grasp their characteristics in order to pick a good umbrella that is satisfactory from the exterior to the quality.

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1, look at the appearance. In addition to past prints, squares, and solid color patterns, UV protection umbrellas have introduced trendy designs such as cartoons and pastels this summer.


The depth of shade does not affect the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. The test found that the color of the umbrella surface has little effect on the protective effect. The transmittance of the ultra-violet B and the color umbrella and the umbrella with deep color are almost the same.


2, choose umbrella surface. There are two types of UV protection umbrellas, shiny and dull. The glossy umbrella is dominant in the market and looks pretty lively; the production process of the matt umbrella is relatively complicated and the price is expensive. It does not seem to be publicized, giving people an impression of subtlety and stability. Umbrella purchase book


3, pick the umbrella bones. In addition to the common straight-and three-fold styles, UV umbrellas have also introduced four-fold umbrellas to make them easier to carry. Umbrellas have a large proportion of umbrellas in their production costs. Pay attention to picking umbrellas when buying umbrellas. What brand of umbrella is good


4, silver plastic UV umbrella. After silver colloid UV protection sun umbrellas are used for a period of time, due to wind and sun exposure, silver colloids will be partially peeled off, especially in the parts that come into contact with the ribs. Which kind of umbrella is best?


If the silver gel coating is on the outside, it will cause mottled phenomenon and affect the appearance. It is better to choose silver glue coating on the inside of the umbrella. It is not easy to peel off or affect the appearance of the umbrella. In addition, it can be applied to the surface of the umbrella on a rainy day. Wax, this will make the umbrella drip faster.