How To Clean Pencil Pouches

- Apr 23, 2018-

From pencil case to pencil pouch, stationery changes from heavy to light, and pencil pouch has become a necessity in our daily life. Pencil pouch can be used to install pens or other sundries such as cosmetics. It is more convenient than a pencil case, and it feels more comfortable. It also saves much more space than pencil case. It can store the most things with the minimum space, giving more tiny space to use. So how do we clean a leather pencil pouch?


1. Simple cleaning can be done with a wet cloth. You can also use an eraser or toothpaste to clean up, the effect is good, you might as well try. A toothbrush can also look at the area you need to clean up. It is mainly used to clean up the dust on the pouch.

2. If Pencil pouch gets wet accidentally, we can use dry towel blot moisture first, and then plug in something, such as newspapers, magazines, air-dried, don't direct exposure in the sun, it will make your favorite pencil pouch discolor and deform.

3. There are many good uses of waste silk stockings. They can be used to make the most use of leftover soap. With leather is also a, the beginning of this is used to clean leather goods float ash or not too dirty stain is very ideal but note that we must use ordinary stockings which don't rub off.

4. You can use erasers. Shallow dirt can be dealt with erasers immediately! You’d better use the most common eraser, and don't use kids’ erasers which are in a variety of shapes and colors, even with candy smell. The erasers should not drop the slag.

5. Soft brush can also be used. The brush cannot be too hard, otherwise they may damage pencil pouches.