How To Make A Funny Pencil Bag?

- Apr 21, 2018-

Like personality, like unique students can make their own pen bag, the effect of DIY is absolutely you can not put down.

1. First cut the cloth. The bottom is long and the left and right sides are wide. Table cloth, riboud and auxiliary cotton each piece, the size of these three pieces of cloth.

2. Sew on the hem of the bag, and sew the zipper on the side of the bag.

3. Fold both sides of the table cloth to the inside, and the zipper is placed in the middle, and both sides are sewn, and all the seams are about 1cm

4. Sew the inner bag, fold the long side of the inner bag to 1cm in each direction, then fold in the middle, leaving 1cm of space in the middle, i.e. the position of the zipper.

5.Turn the inner bag over the outer bag, the opposite of the two cloth. The two long sides of the inner bag are stitched together with the zipper on the inside of the bag, and the front can be turned back to the front.

An interesting and beautiful pencil bag was made.