How To Prevent Dry Eyes

- Jan 03, 2020-

In this era of highly developed information, almost everyone is looking down at mobile phones and looking up at computers. Every day I spend on electronic products ... staying up late, thinking, and toiling are already the norm for everyone. The resulting dizziness, dry eyes, and blurred vision have become common problems that plague most people. What exactly happened here? What can I do to relieve the symptoms of dryness?


If it is not properly resolved in time, it will develop into "dry eye"


Dry eyes are eye discomfort caused by the instability of the tear film caused by various reasons, which is what some people commonly call "desert eyes."


If you have dry eyes and the stability of the tear film is impaired, you will feel dry eyes, intermittent itchy eyes, and severe photophobia or foreign body sensation in severe cases.


If it is not adjusted properly in time, it may also cause secondary symptoms


Dry eye lasts for a long time or is severe, and it is also prone to secondary conjunctivitis or secondary superficial punctate keratitis.


Each of these kinds of eye diseases is very harsh. Don't wait to spread them out before you regret not paying attention.


Also directly affects daily life and work


How to prevent dry eyes


1. Blink more.


In recent years, the pressure of work and study is increasing. Most people often work and study for a long time. This also prevents the eyes from getting a normal rest, is in a state of fatigue for a long time, and does not pay attention to health care. This also accelerates eye diseases, so it is recommended that you do more blinking, because blinking is a protective nerve reflex action, and the tear layer can make the tears evenly coated on the cornea and conjunctival surface to keep it moist without drying. Once the number of blinks is reduced, the amount of tears is directly reduced, and the tear film exposed to the air will quickly evaporate, losing its protective power to the eyeballs. When using your computer, driving, reading, etc. for a long time, remind yourself not to focus too much and take some time to blink. Generally, most people blink once in five seconds and blink about 20 times per minute.


2. Pay attention to eye hygiene.


The eyes are the window of our soul. I hope that everyone will take good care of them in life, especially the hygiene of the eyes. In normal times, we recommend that you wash your hands often. At the same time, you are advised not to rub your eyes with your hands. Use your eyes to rest for about an hour. Keep your eyes closed and look into the distance. For patients with oily secretions, debris, and exudates on the eyelids, pay attention to maintaining eyelid hygiene.


3, those who use the computer for a long time:


Due to work conditions, many people use computers to work for a long time, which prevents the eyes from getting a certain amount of rest. This also causes eye diseases, because people who always use computers, especially young people today, must Pay attention to your eyes, reduce computer time, and avoid using the computer for a long time. The working posture and distance are also very important. Try to keep the distance at 60 cm as far as possible. Adjust the most appropriate posture so that the line of sight can be kept down about 30 degrees. Such an angle can relax the neck muscles and make the eyeball The area of the surface exposed to the air is minimized.