How To Prevent Myopia?

- Jul 04, 2019-

The best way is to do preventive work. When the child is born, the eyeball is relatively small and in a state of farsightedness. As the age increases, the eyeball develops continuously, presenting a process from farsightedness to righteousness, and then myopia may occur. Therefore, in the process of emmetropia, it is best to establish an eye refractive record, record the child's eye condition regularly, and intervene as soon as possible if there is a sign of myopia.


Electronic products are the first killer of children's myopia. To prevent myopia, we must do this first.


Secondly, increasing the children's outdoor time is one of the most effective ways recognized internationally.


Finally, train children to develop good eye habits, pay attention to work and rest, reading time should not be too long.


Remember, myopia prevention is greater than treatment.