How To Relieve Visual Fatigue

- Dec 30, 2018-

1. Overlook.After working for a certain amount of time, relax for five to ten minutes and look as far away as possible, at least five meters away, as far as possible.

Roll your eyes.During the work, blink your eyes consciously, close your eyes and turn your eyes. This action is equivalent to some eye drops, which can moisturize your eyes.Do not rely too much on eye drops, because eye drops contain a little preservative, if very dependent, it is recommended to use a small package without preservatives, one a day.

3. Outdoor sports.Brisk walking, running, and ball games will do.

Eat a balanced diet.Do not partial food, do not eat staple food or do not eat meat are undesirable.

5, computer brightness is appropriate.Computer screen is not the brighter the better, nor is the darker the better, in the premise of clear viewing, the words should not be too small, nor too