How To Wash Ink Stains On A Pencil Box?

- Apr 24, 2018-

There are several kinds of ink stains on the pencil box. 


1、The most common ink stains is the pen’s, which is easy to wash after being soaked in washing powder.

2、The hardest stains to clean is the ball pen stains, It's a kind of organic matter. Therefore, it is insoluble in water, and because his molecular weight is very large, combining ability is very strong. It can’t be cleaned by washing powder and detergent.

3、If your family have a car, get a little gasoline, clean the stains and rinse, if can’t clean it, use the 84 disinfectant, soaking for a while and then hand wash can also achieve a goal, but it’s not efficient and it’s a hard job.

4、There is a better way to clean the stains by oxalic acid.

5、Ink stains can be removed in many ways. Wash the ink with cold water first, then mix it with rice grains and detergent solution and rub it on the ink stains to scrub repeatedly. Then rub it again with a solution of 2 soaps of alcohol to scrub repeatedly. Or Rub with glutinous rice or toothpaste on the stains to scrub repeatedly. Or Scrub with 4% of the baking soda to clean.  

6、Stained with red ink, the new trail can be washed after a short soak with detergent solution in warm water; if red ink stains exist for a while, which also can be washed with detergent and then washed with 10% alcohol.

7、Stained with blue ink, the new trail can be scrubbed with general detergent, if blue ink stains exist for a while, which can be dipped in 2% of oxalic acid solution, then scrubbed the stains after a few minutes.