Invisible? Blindness? The Hazards Of Contact Lenses, How Much Do You Know?

- Jul 06, 2019-

With the development of the times, more and more people do not like to wear frame glasses, more is to choose contact lenses without pressure and comfort.


Being able to correct vision without affecting aesthetics is why many people choose contact lenses.


But you may not understand that the commonly used soft contact lenses are invisibly damaging our eyes. So what is the danger of wearing contact lenses?


1, many people will wear contact lenses for work reasons, sleepy after lunch is difficult, but just a little rest time, too late to take off, simply wearing contact lenses nap. When you wake up with a contact lens and take a nap, you will feel inexplicable tears and blurred vision. When people close their eyes, oxygen penetrates through the blood vessels, but the contact lenses isolate the path. The eyes are not breathing well, the cells are defective, and the infection is slightly inadvertent, leading to dry eye disease and corneal ulcer.


2. The contact lens itself is a foreign object. If you accidentally bring bacteria or viruses into your eyes through your own hands, it will cause eye damage. Clinically, the conjunctiva is caused by this condition, and the inflammation of the cornea is too much. Blindness of the eye is often seen because of inflammation of the conjunctiva. So ophthalmologists are the most objection to wearing contact lenses. If you wear a contact lens at night, the contact lens will have the greatest chance of infection for the eye.


3, due to long-term attachment to the eyeball, there are a lot of tiny blood vessels and nerves in the eyes, these nerves and brain are closely linked to help the brain to transmit a variety of instructions and signals. If the contact lens is used for a long time, it may cause paralysis of the nerves in the eye area. 4. Some soft contact lenses contain pigments, which not only cause allergies, but also increase the damage to the cornea and conjunctiva.


5, contact lenses will make the cornea unable to contact the air, the eyes will be similar to the human body "altitude reaction" due to lack of oxygen, can not be normal metabolism, resistance decreased.


6, the cornea of the eye is a very special organ, there is no blood vessel above, its breathing is achieved by the air and surrounding tissue. If you sleep with your glasses, it will affect your breathing. In severe cases, it may cause corneal infection.


7. In the process of using contact lenses, components, secretions, impurities in the external environment, or foreign matter in the human tears are inevitably attached to the lens to form a precipitate. Even if you follow the strict process of care and cleaning, there will still be deposits that are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be removed on the lens. Contact lenses absorb proteins, lipids, collagen, etc. in the tears, so that they deposit on the surface of the lens, causing pathogens, corneal edema, corneal neovascular reactions and allergic reactions.


8, the eye is to accompany us to spend a lifetime of important organs, but if you put on contact lenses early, it will affect the number of cells in the cornea, resulting in faster eye aging than other peers, Although there is no obvious impact in the short term, it is likely to fall into the danger of blindness in old age.