Is There Any Harm If The Disposable Medical Mask Is Used For More Than 8 Hours?

- Apr 10, 2020-

Because of the impact of the new coronavirus, wearing a mask has become a commonplace for people to prevent the spread of droplets and reduce the chance of viral infection. However, the disposable medical mask has a wearing time limit. For occupationally exposed personnel, the mask cannot be used for more than 4 hours and cannot be reused. What will happen if the disposable medical mask is used for more than 8 hours.

What is the harm caused by the cumulative use of disposable medical masks for more than 8 hours?
After wearing the mask, follow your breathing, the mask temperature will increase. High heat and humidity will cause a large amount of skin oil secretion, which will clog pores and cause acne. The surface of the skin is covered with a layer of bacteria, divided into harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria. When the temperature and humidity of the mask increase, it provides a good living environment for the growth of bacteria, breaks the balance of the flora, and turns the original acne into acne. In addition, some people are allergic to the woven material of the mask, the fiber material is rough, and it is not skin-friendly. The creases of the mask will often rub against the skin, especially when there are formaldehyde residues in the fabric or resin fibers that release formaldehyde Skin allergies.
What should I pay attention to when wearing a mask?
1. Maintain skin water-oil balance
Whether it is oily or dry skin, if the skin's water and oil are not balanced, and wearing a mask all day, it will cause oily skin or acne. Usually pay attention to the balance of water and oil, oily skin can use oil control products to improve oil problems. You can apply lotion cream to dry skin, and then mix it with moisturizing essence or mask to avoid skin dehydration and oil.
2. Use refreshing and easily absorbed care products
Do not use over-moisturized skin care products before wearing a mask. Because the face is not completely absorbed and the face is stuffed directly with a mask, it will increase the burden on the skin, and even cause acne acne or enlarged pores. During the day, you can choose a refreshing skin care product and sunscreen. When you ensure that the skin is completely absorbed, wear a mask to prevent skin conditions.
3. Clean the skin thoroughly at night
Many people do not clean their skin at night because they wear masks without makeup. Even after using the cream and sunscreen, you are washing your face with facial cleanser, but this will allow the dust in the air to combine with some substances on the face, which will remain on the face and not conducive to skin breathing. So you must wash your face carefully every night before going to bed.
Anyone who wears a mask to go to a hospital or a densely populated place, the mask is contaminated with blood or snot, and the mask is damaged must be thrown away. Although disposable masks can be reused, they must master the scientific method of use.