Is Your Child Still Wearing ’expired Glasses’?

- Aug 02, 2019-

15 years of healthy growth for children

Glasses worn out of time in the eyewear industry are called "toxic" glasses. In the daily fitting work, many students were found to have renewed their optometry after one or two years or more with new glasses. As a result, there were many serious vision problems. The consequences of expired wear were no less than expired. The harm of food to the human body.

The specific hazards of expired glasses are reflected in the following four points: how to wear a comfortable mirror for children
1, children with glasses, to determine true and false myopia is the key;

2, lens safety is the most important. The glass piece is wear-resistant, but it is easily broken and the price is low. The resin sheet is light, non-fragile and safe, but it is easy to produce scratches; of course, the super toughness and PC lens have better safety performance. Even the United States has laws that require children under 16 years old to wear PC lenses;

3, the frame is comfortable and beautiful. The plate frame is light and the color is soft; the metal frame is easy to repair, but it is easy to deform;

4, eye examination, standard medical optometry, precision grinding mirror is the lens guarantee. It is best to go to the local professional store to optometry, and never be willing to go online to optician.


The child's vision is reduced, not just a computer optometry, glasses can solve the child's vision problems. You should choose to go to a professional eyewear store to check your eyesight, conduct medical optometry, check the cause of vision loss caused by true and false myopia or other eye diseases, and then professional scientific glasses to better protect your child's vision and health.

Best, don't let the "expired glasses" hurt your child's glasses. If your child's glasses are more than 1 year, go to the optical shop.