Jiaojiang Launches A New Round Of Improvement In The Glasses Industry

- Apr 26, 2019-

All of the protection distances in residential areas are not required to be relocated. Recently, Jiaojiang District carried out a new round of rectification and improvement of the optical industry in accordance with the requirements of “approving a batch, rectifying a batch, and shutting down a batch” to solve the impact of wastewater and waste gas from the production process of the optical industry on the surrounding environment and people's lives.


The glasses industry is the traditional pillar industry in the front street of Jiaojiang. The glasses processing enterprises are large in scale, but most of them are in extensive production. The environmental protection problems are particularly prominent. The waste gas and waste water generated in the production process have a certain degree to the environment and the lives of the surrounding residents. Impact.


In 2015, Jiaojiang District carried out comprehensive rectification of the optical industry. The glasses processing enterprises built supporting exhaust gas treatment facilities. The wastewater was connected to the municipal pipe network, and the environmental quality of the block was improved.

“Evenly, the paint exhaust and equipment noise of some enterprises still have a certain impact on the surrounding people.” Wang Wei, head of the Environmental Monitoring Brigade of Jiaojiang Environmental Protection Bureau, said that there are still more than 100 glasses processing enterprises outside the park located in residential areas.


To this end, Jiaojiang Environmental Protection Department took the lead in the former street to hold the meeting of the person in charge of the glasses business in the park and the person in charge of the glasses outside the park, and classified the rectification requirements for the glasses processing enterprises. Clearly initiate the approval process for enterprises that meet the safety protection distance in the old industrial parks such as Liulian, Hengjiang, Hengxi, and Taojia in the former street, and evaluate the environmental impact status of enterprises far away from residential areas and require the construction of supporting “three wastes”. "After processing the facilities, the organization will accept and accept, and all enterprises that do not meet the requirements for protection within the residential area will be shut down and relocated.


According to the rectification requirements of the central environmental protection inspector, 48 glasses processing enterprises outside the Liulian Village Park of Qiansuo District have been relocated at present, and the remaining 37 have been sealed up by the environmental protection department and stopped production.


Jiaojiang Environmental Protection Bureau also cooperates with third-party environmental assessment units such as Taizhou Academy of Environmental Sciences to establish special service teams for the optical parks. Each park is determined to be responsible for the specialization. It mainly provides consulting and technical services for the approval procedures and enterprise management, and requires the service team to take the initiative. Going to the park can approve enterprises and remediation enterprises outside the park for approval and rectification.


In order to prevent the rebound of the resumption of production, the bureau also organized a special environmental law enforcement inspection personnel to increase the inspection of the glasses processing enterprises, so as to report together, seal together and shut down together.