Jins And Senteur Et Beaute

- Jan 01, 2019-

JINS has teamed up with Senteur et Beaute, a French soap brand, to create stylish glasses that are so sophisticated and fresh that they look like you've just stepped out of a flower shop. Among them, the Combination of Acetate & Metal series fashion glasses, special process of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, have senior French romantic, mature and good temperament, suitable for the pursuit of quality of consumers.

JINS co-branded this time, and also launched a fresh texture of mirror box cloth. The round mirror box has the luster of pearl, and the design of the mirror cloth reproduces the shape of perfume bottle. I hope you can smell the fragrance of Senteur et Beaute soap perfume when you add the glasses into it.

JINS eyewear is another line of stylish glasses from Senteur et Beaute, in a soft and lovely style. Light and elegant color department, let a person see admire. Launch your own pink tender mirror box and mirror cloth printed with Senteur et Beaute pattern, which can inadvertently wake up your girl's heart.www.gift-package.com