Launched The World's First Consumer Ultra-thin VR Glasses Digital Kingdom (00547) Bucked The Market Up More Than 8%

- Apr 17, 2019-

Digital kingdom (00547) opened higher today, narrowing gains in the afternoon, trading 8.27 per cent higher at hk $0.144 at 14:56 on a turnover of hk $100.5 million, zhitong finance APP learned.

Digital kingdom is one of the providers of innovative visual effects and the world's largest virtual reality (VR) experience services. Yesterday, the company's head display equipment manufacturer "3Glasses" held in Beijing "see" new products and product strategy conference. In the press conference, 3Glasses launched the world's first consumer ultra-thin VR glasses "X1"; At the same time, the company announced that "Star", a virtual human created by the digital kingdom, will be the spokesperson for its new product.

Mr. Xie an, executive director and chief executive officer of digital kingdom, believes that the advent of "X1" is the beginning of the realization of production in the closed loop of "hardware + content + channel" VR industry chain of digital kingdom, and helps the company to further expand the consumer market with huge