Leading Stationery Fashion, Display Design Talent

- Aug 07, 2017-

As a final consumer, would you like to dominate the stationery in your heart? As a business manager, are you still in a lot of homogenization of low-end competition and distressed? As a master of design, do you want to have a stage to show your talent?

June 23, 2006 afternoon, "2006 China's first stationery design competition" Organizing committee Secretary-General Mr. Chen will be visiting Sina, on the above issues and share with everyone, and on the contest's "network PK" race conditions, award settings and other topics with the vast numbers of netizens and contestants online exchange.

In recent years, the annual growth of China's cultural supplies industry is more than 10%, production capacity accounted for 40% of the world's production capacity, has become the World Stationery Manufacturing center. With the development trend of global economic integration, the competition mode of stationery industry has changed from single price competition to brand competition, how to build a successful enterprise with design achievement brand has become an urgent task. This competition is designed for designers, manufacturers and consumers to set up a bridge of communication, promote the development of Chinese cultural supplies industrialization, and accelerate the pace of integration with the international advanced level. And in the upcoming Network PK Division activities are wonderful, the event through the Netizen vote PK Way to elect today's stationery new fashion, and launched a number of votes in the face of voting users and contestants of the cash prizes, including the best Netizen Participation Award and the Lucky Netizen Award, each winner will receive value 100--500 Yuan Prize/prize; Sina Best Stationery Popularity award will be 2000 Yuan Prize and award-winning certificate!

Design, is the 21st century very rich development potential of the creative industry. 25 years ago, Professor Hayes of Harvard Business School in the United States once predicted that companies now compete by Price, tomorrow will compete by quality, and in future by design. Today, this prophecy is being proved by the fact that the modern world economy is developing. How to face the severe challenge of the internet age, as the source of any innovative implementation-------------design, with its unique charm, is playing a huge industrial value in the stationery industry.

Grasp the opportunity, reach out your hand, in the personality of the Internet era, choose your heart brightest star-display design talent, win cash prizes!