Look Optical Stores Enter Hainan Duty-free Stores

- Jul 06, 2018-

Since 2013, the "look Optical" store owned by the 25-year old south Korean eyewear leader, look Optics, has entered the Chinese market with Shanghai as its center. The end of February this year "Look" Optical Optical shop is in hainan province haikou international airport T2 terminal of the Korean wave pavilion stores, and has made the airport duty-free approval, will be Look called third duty-free shops in China.

Since opening its first store in Seoul's largest business district for college students in 2011, the "Look Optical" store has successively invited "2PM", "t-ara" and other popular Korean groups as spokespersons. Aggressive marketing and strong product quality have made look Optics a mainstream company in the Korean eyewear industry. Now 56 "Look Optical" stores have opened in the central business district of major south Korean cities, including Seoul. It entered China's Shanghai market for the first time in 2013, and has now opened 26 stores in major stores in Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, wuxi and other east China cities.

Advocate "change image" glasses "Look Optical" and to her store, it's a bit like fast fashion clothing store, choose well-catalogued display mode, let customers have the freedom to try all the products, thus attracted a lot of 20 ~ 30 years old young people's attention. In particular, "Look Optical stores will launch new products every season, ensuring that customers will see different new products when they come to the stores all year round, making it irresistible for young people who pursue fashion.